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Our 2011 Mazdas for sale in Montreal offer all the advantages of a traditional SUV, including high ground clearance, exceptional performance and a sporty, buffed and toned look. And yet, the 2011 is more accurately placed at the halfway mark between the sport utility and the crossover. Its great versatility and its compact demeanor give it all the qualities associated with an agile vehicle both urban and adventurous - just like you! You're looking for a top-notch 4X4 for sale? The GT is also offered with standard all-wheel drive (optional on other versions). What's more, the GS and GT versions of the 2011 Mazda feature a powerful 3.0L, V6 engine.

Don't hesitate to send us a request for a personalized price quote for your future 2011 Mazda. You can also book a road test at any time on our website.

Mazda presents Ryuga Concept and 2008 hybrid Tribute HEV (VIDEO)

Mazda presents Ryuga Concept and 2008 hybrid Tribute HEV (VIDEO)

Yet another concept from Mazda, Ryuga means 'gracious flow' in Japanese. Unlike the Nagare that was at the L.A show, the Ryuga is more realistic, with a real interior and a working powertrain and chassis.

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  • Mazda Graduate

    This program is for recent University and College Graduates who want to acquire a Mazda.

    Mazda Graduate Program
  • Owner Renewal

    This program exists to provide repeat Mazda customers who wish to finance or lease a new vehicle, a renewal incentive for their continued patronage.

    Mazda Owner Renewal Program
  • Mobility

    Mazda Canada Inc. is pleased to assist you with the purchase and installation of adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment.

    Mazda Mobility Program