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The new silhouette of the 2012 Mazda reveals both an aesthetic flair and an attitude which is just slightly more aggressive than its competitors'. With its distinctive lines and modern profile, the 2012 can rival any other high-end crossover. Open the hatchback, and discover vast trunk space able to receive the whole family's luggage. What's more, you can consider prolonging your holiday this summer with the money you save thanks to the superior fuel economy the 2012 Mazda's new engine provides. Mazda enthusiasts in Montreal and beyond who crave performance can opt for the new Mazda GT, equipped with a dynamic 4-cylinder, 2.3L MZR engine, with powerful direct-injection system and turbo-compressor cranking out 244 HP.

2009 Mazda CX-7 GT Review

2009 Mazda CX-7 GT Review

Since the introduction of the Miata in 1990, Mazda has understood one important thing: it's not just about building a vehicle, that vehicle has to become an extension of the driver. The idea of driving enjoyment has become the dogma behind ...

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  • Mazda Graduate

    This program is for recent University and College Graduates who want to acquire a Mazda.

    Mazda Graduate Program
  • Owner Renewal

    This program exists to provide repeat Mazda customers who wish to finance or lease a new vehicle, a renewal incentive for their continued patronage.

    Mazda Owner Renewal Program
  • Mobility

    Mazda Canada Inc. is pleased to assist you with the purchase and installation of adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment.

    Mazda Mobility Program