Mazda Promotion

Drivers have been waiting for a long time for a car equipped with quick acceleration and superior passing abilities, all while delivering top performance every time, without compromising on fuel economy. Thanks to the all-new and long-awaited 2012 Mazda, motorists in the Montreal region and beyond will finally be able to enjoy an exalting driving experience, without losing any of the advantages a sub-compact provides through its low sticker price and fuel consumption.

The engineers at Mazda wanted to make the 2012 the most dynamic car on the market by incorporating in it every aspect of the zoom-zoom feeling so unique to Mazda. Among other elements, the new features a superior-quality MacPherson front suspension and improved steering and braking systems, which translate into better road handling and performance which rivals that of the legendary MX-5. Mazda Fairview invites you to schedule a road test to be among the first to try out the 2012 Mazda in Montreal!

2013 Mazda2 Preview

2013 Mazda2 Preview

In the subcompact category, the Mazda2 is in a tough fight against close rivals such as the Hyundai Accent, the Kia Rio and the Chevrolet Sonic. Even though this latest model remains similar to the 2012 version, some changes have been made, ...

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  • Mazda Graduate

    This program is for recent University and College Graduates who want to acquire a Mazda.

    Mazda Graduate Program
  • Owner Renewal

    This program exists to provide repeat Mazda customers who wish to finance or lease a new vehicle, a renewal incentive for their continued patronage.

    Mazda Owner Renewal Program
  • Mobility

    Mazda Canada Inc. is pleased to assist you with the purchase and installation of adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment.

    Mazda Mobility Program